The Greatest Guide To Phap Luan Cong

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At the same time as much downstream as Kratie, the Yunnan component can make up Just about thirty % of the typical dry year circulation. An important worry is the ongoing and prepared growth of dams and reservoirs about the Mekong mainstream in Yunnan could have a major effect on the lower-move routine of your lessen Mekong basin method.[8][ten][11]

Proper Effort (Pāli: sammā-vāyāma; Sanskrit: samyag-vyāyāma; 正精進 Cn: zhèngjīngjìn; Vi: chính tinh tiến)

teisho A presentation by a Zen grasp during a sesshin. Instead of an explanation or exposition in the normal feeling, it is meant as a demonstration of Zen realisation

jhana Meditative contemplation; extra frequently affiliated with śamatha techniques than vipaśyana. See also: shamata, samadhi, samapatti

Throughout this degenerate age, chaos will prevail as well as folks will likely be not able to achieve enlightenment in the phrase of Sakyamuni Buddha. Begin to see the A few periods

For A huge number of decades the Mekong River has long been an essential conduit for people today and goods concerning the many cities on its banking institutions. Regular varieties of trade in smaller boats linking communities proceed these days, having said that the river can be starting to be an important connection in Global trade routes, connecting the six Mekong countries to one her comment is here another, in addition to to the rest of the world.

Descriptions in the a few intervals also appear in other sutras, several of which ascribe various lengths of time to them (although all concur that Mappō will very last for ten,000 decades).

Age of making temples and stupas (多造塔寺堅固 Cn: duōzào tǎsì jiāngù; Jp: tazō tōji kengo)

kyosaku In Zen, a flattened stick accustomed to strike the shoulders all through zazen, that will help conquer exhaustion or get to satori

Table 2 summarises the mean annual flows alongside the mainstream. The indicate annual move getting into the reduce Mekong from China is equivalent to a comparatively modest 450 mm depth of runoff. Downstream of Vientiane this will increase to more than 600 mm as being the principal still left bank tributaries enter the mainstream, primarily the Nam Ngum More Bonuses and Nam Theun.

The very low tide degree of the river in Cambodia is lower compared to the large tide amount out at sea, and the circulation of your Mekong inverts Along with the tides all through its extend in their website Vietnam and around Phnom Penh.

namo An exclamation showing reverence; devotion. Frequently put before the identify of the object of veneration, e.

Dalai Lama, lit. "the lama with wisdom like an ocean", secular and spiritual chief of Tibet as nominated by the Mongols

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